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About Us

Our Vision

Become the well-known quality bakery food provider in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

Enhance our customer satisfaction by maintaining the high quality with the finest ingredients for the bakery foods and offer best service to sustain the long-term success in the food industry.

Our Main Business strategy

To maintain the product quality among the competitors in the bakery foods manufacturing industry.


"Kapila stores" was a primary retail trade which was established on 1960 century at Kiribathkubura with the tremendous dedication of Mr. P. B.Sooriyagoda. In 2004, with limitless dedication of 2nd & 3rd generations as Mr.D.M.Nawarathne Banda and four sons were able to conquer the trade industry and to move in a new direction with a new face as “Kapila Bakers”. We also predicate that we would have not achieved this goal without the devotion and support of rest of the family members.

Then most things that could go wrong did go wrong. We had to struggle with monetary issues, Lack of employee, machinery shortage and so on. But we have successfully escaped the privation& went forward to reach the state that it is today.

With the use of sophisticated machine tools, we maintain a natural tongue watering taste & high quality products for healing and maintaining health. Due to these reasons customers started to flow in with a high rate in a short period of time. With the high rising demands, we had to expand their roots to different areas by establishing 7 new branches of “Kapila Bakers.” In order to provide effective, efficient for customers we have expanded our transport and delivery services. By today KAPILA BAKERS becomes a popular bakery chain which proves the company motto ˜ljqre;a okak ;ekla˜